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Stay Warm with Sales on ComfortBilt Stoves!
Stay Warm with Sales on ComfortBilt Stoves!

Comfortbilt HP22 vs HP50S

When it comes to finding the perfect pellet stove, many users are faced with the decision between the popular ComfortBilt models HP22 and HP50S. Both stoves are known for their efficiency, performance, and aesthetics, making them exceptional options for those looking to add a reliable heating solution to their homes. Understanding the differences between these two models can aid in making an informed purchase decision in an ever-growing market.

The ComfortBilt HP22 is designed to heat larger spaces with an impressive coverage of up to 2,800 sq. ft., whereas the HP50S is a more compact and affordable option, making it ideal for buyers with limited space or budget constraints. Both models are EPA certified and offer features such as programmable thermostats and auto ignition, ensuring that they meet the needs of a wide range of residential applications.

As consumers continue to seek energy-efficient heating solutions, the ComfortBilt pellet stoves remain top contenders in the market. Comparing the HP22 and HP50S models can help potential buyers assess which option best aligns with their individual needs and preferences.

Overview of ComfortBilt HP22

The ComfortBilt HP22 pellet stove is a popular model due to its modern appearance, large bay view window, programmable 7-day internal thermostat, and powerful heat output. This flagship model has earned consistently great reviews from customers across the country due to its superior engineering and reliability.

There are a few variations of the HP22 model. The ComfortBilt HP22N Pellet Stove is a newer addition with a taller design, accommodating a larger hopper. This powerful stove can burn for up to 30 hours on the lowest heat setting without needing more pellets. Another variation, the ComfortBilt HP22I Pellet Stove Insert, provides the benefits of the HP22 model as a fireplace insert. Capable of heating 2,800 square feet, the HP22I has a bay view window allowing warmth to radiate in three directions and complies with federal emissions standards.

The ComfortBilt HP22 series offers multiple color choices to complement your home's decor. Its heat exchange design, combined with a powerful room blower, maximizes the efficiency of heating from wood pellets, ensuring optimal performance.

Overview of ComfortBilt HP50S

The ComfortBilt HP50S Pellet Stove features a compact European design that gained popularity in countries like Germany, France, Australia, and Brazil. As a low-priced pellet stove in the ComfortBilt lineup, the HP50S has become a top-selling model in the United States as well, thanks to its reliable performance, quality engineering, and high heat output.

This pellet stove can heat around 2,200 square feet and is EPA and CSA certified, ensuring that it complies with all federal emissions mandates. With five power settings, the HP50S can burn continuously for up to 20 hours on its lowest setting. The programmable thermostat allows maintaining a constant temperature, making it an economical option for pellet usage.

Design and Aesthetics

The ComfortBilt HP22 and HP50S pellet stoves offer unique design features to fit different customer preferences. The HP22 has a bay design, providing a large viewing area for the fire, making it an attractive centerpiece in any room. On the other hand, the HP50S has a compact European design, which is popular among customers who prefer a sleek and modern appearance. Both models showcase premium build quality, contributing to their visual appeal. While aesthetics may vary, these stoves provide efficient heating solutions, with the HP50S being generally cheaper than the HP22.

Performance and Efficiency

The ComfortBilt HP22 is known for its high heat output, making it ideal for heating large areas. It features a user-friendly remote control, programmable thermostat, and automatic safety features.

On the other hand, the ComfortBilt HP50 is focused on efficiency, boasting an 86% burn efficiency. It also has a powerful blower, a 47 lb hopper capacity, and auto-ignition. Both stoves showcase exceptional performance and efficiency in their own distinct ways.

Hopper Capacity and Burning Time

The ComfortBilt HP22 and HP50S pellet stoves have varying hopper capacities, affecting their burning times. The HP22 features a generously sized hopper with a capacity of up to 55 pounds, allowing it to continuously burn for an extended period. In comparison, the HP50S is equipped with a 47-pound hopper, which is somewhat smaller but still enables efficient burning.

As for burning time, both pellet stoves can provide at least 20 hours of continuous burning, depending on the pellet quality and outside temperature. These hopper capacities and burning times allow homeowners the convenience of refueling less frequently, while still enjoying a comfortable and warmth-filled living space.

Regulatory Certifications

The ComfortBilt HP22 and HP50S pellet stoves both have important certifications to ensure they meet strict emission standards. Both models are EPA certified and CSA certified. These certifications reflect their compliance with federal emissions mandates in the United States and Canada.

The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certification ensures that the pellet stoves produce minimal pollution, contributing to clean air and environmental health. CSA (Canadian Standards Association) certification guarantees that these stoves adhere to safety standards and performance requirements.

In summary, the ComfortBilt HP22 and HP50S are environmentally-friendly and safe options, backed by respected regulatory certifications.

Pricing and Value

The ComfortBilt HP22 and HP50S pellet stoves cater to different segments of the market. The HP50S is an affordable model aimed at value-minded customers, with a price of $1,749.00 during the summer sale. It offers a compact design and efficient heating for smaller spaces.

On the other hand, the HP22 provides more powerful heating, with prices varying based on the model's specifications and features. The ComfortBilt HP22 generally carries a higher price tag but delivers superior performance for larger spaces.

Both stoves qualify for federal tax credits, granting extra value to purchasers. The credit offers 26% savings in 2022, and 22% savings in 2023.


The ComfortBilt HP22 and HP50S are both among the best pellet stoves available, with quality engineering that ensures high efficiency and performance. The HP22 has a higher heat output, making it more suitable for larger areas, while the HP50S is more compact and ideal for smaller spaces. Both stoves feature user-friendly controls, automation, and safety features for homeowners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main differences between HP22 and HP50S?

The HP22 is part of the ComfortBilt's HP22 series, while the HP50S is a model in the HP50 series. Both pellet stoves share many features but may have differences in heating capacity, efficiency, and design.

How do the heating capacities of HP22 and HP50S compare?

The heating capacities of these stoves may vary, but they are designed to efficiently heat large areas. The HP22 can heat 2,800 ft² while the HP50S can heat up to  2,200 ft².

Is the HP22 or HP50S easier to maintain and clean?

Both stoves have been designed with maintenance and cleaning in mind. Check the manuals for specific cleaning procedures and schedules.

Which pellet stove, HP22 or HP50S, has a larger hopper capacity?

Each stove's hopper capacity is different. The HP22 has a 55-pound hopper capacity while the HP50S has a 47-pound hopper capacity.