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Get on the Water with Sea Eagle!
Get on the Water with Sea Eagle!

Sea Eagle 330 vs 370

The Sea Eagle SE330 vs SE370, A Comparison

The Sea Eagle 330 and 370 are popular inflatable kayaks that cater to a variety of paddling enthusiasts. Both models offer impressive durability and performance, making them suitable choices for beginners and experienced kayakers alike. While these kayaks share numerous similarities, certain differences in size, weight, and capacity make each one unique catering to specific needs.

Weighing 26 pounds and measuring 11'2" in length, the Sea Eagle 330 is lighter and shorter than its counterpart, the SE 370 at 32 pounds and 12'6" in length. Additionally, the maximum carrying capacity of the 330 is 500 pounds, while the 370 boasts a higher capacity at 650 pounds.


The Sea Eagle 330 is a lightweight and compact inflatable kayak, ideal for beginners. It has a weight of 26 pounds and measures 11'2" in length. Its maximum carrying capacity is 500 pounds, making it suitable for solo paddling or a tandem experience with lightweight gear.

On the other hand, the Sea Eagle 370 is slightly larger and heavier, with a length of 12'5" and a weight of 32 pounds. Despite the increase in size, it maintains a good level of stability and is also beginner-friendly. The SE370 has a higher carrying capacity of 650 pounds, making it more suitable for paddling with additional gear or more passengers.

  • Sea Eagle 330:

    • Weight: 26 pounds
    • Length: 11'2"
    • Carrying Capacity: 500 pounds
  • Sea Eagle 370:

    • Weight: 32 pounds
    • Length: 12'6"
    • Carrying Capacity: 650 pounds

Price-wise, the Sea Eagle 370 is slightly more expensive than the 330.. The choice between the two depends on your intended use, budget, and personal preferences.

Design and Dimensions

Sea Eagle 330 Design

The Sea Eagle 330 Inflatable Kayak is a lightweight and portable tandem kayak, perfect for those looking for a convenient option for their kayaking adventures. With dimensions of 11'2" in length and 34" in width, it is designed to comfortably fit two people, boasting a load capacity of up to 500 pounds. The inflatable nature of the kayak makes for easy storage and transport, as it packs down small enough to fit in the trunk of even the smallest car.

Sea Eagle 370 Design

On the other hand, the Sea Eagle 370 Inflatable Kayak is slightly larger than its 330 counterpart while maintaining its portability. Its dimensions are 12'6" in length and 34" in width, providing extra space for a third person or additional gear, with a higher load capacity of 650 pounds. Despite being a little heavier at 32 pounds, it remains easy to carry and handle, thanks to its inflatable design and the ability to pack down into a compact size suitable for car trunks.

Material and Durability

The Sea Eagle 330 and 370 kayaks share common material and construction features. They are both made of 33 mil Polykrylar, a durable and puncture-resistant PVC material. This ensures that the kayaks can withstand rough waters and harsh environments.

The durability of these models is further enhanced by their I-beam construction and high-frequency welded seams. The 370, however, has a slightly thicker material at 38 mil that improves its durability by 10%-15% compared to the 330.

In summary, both kayaks have reliable hull material and construction, with the Sea Eagle 370 offering slightly better durability due to its thicker PVC.

Package Details

The Sea Eagle 330 and Sea Eagle 370 inflatable kayak packages come with essential accessories. Both packages include paddles, a foot pump, and a carry bag. The carry bag for Sea Eagle 330 is designed to fit the kayak perfectly, making transportation simple and convenient.

Apart from these items, a practical storage bag can be used for keeping your belongings safe while you're out kayaking. In the event of any damage, both packages come with an inflatable kayak repair kit to help you fix the issue quickly.

These package details will enhance your kayaking experience and ensure you have all the necessary equipment to enjoy your time on the water.

Comfort and Seating

Both the Sea Eagle 330 and 370 are designed with comfort in mind. They are equipped with deluxe inflatable kayak seats, providing a comfortable and supportive sitting experience, ideal for solo or tandem kayaking. The seats can be adjusted according to paddlers' preferences.

For solo kayakers, the extra space offered in both models allows for additional gear to be stored without compromising on comfort. When using the kayaks in tandem, the spacious design ensures that both paddlers have enough room to move and paddle comfortably in the vessel.

In summary, the Sea Eagle 330 and 370 are both comfortable and adaptable regarding seating, making them suitable choices for a variety of kayaking experiences, be it solo or tandem kayaking.

Weight and Capacity

The Sea Eagle 330 and 370 are both lightweight and designed for easy carrying. The Sea Eagle 330 weighs 26 pounds while its larger cousin, the Sea Eagle 370, is slightly heavier. Despite the difference in weight, both kayaks are suitable for beginners and easy to lift.

When it comes to capacity, the Sea Eagle 330 has a max capacity of 500 pounds, making it suitable for 2 people or a lighter load. On the other hand, the Sea Eagle 370 can handle a higher max capacity of 650 pounds, providing more room for 2 people and additional gear. Both kayaks have a durable construction, featuring puncture-resistant K-80 polykrylar hull material and an I-beam design.

In summary, the 330 is a lighter, compact option, while the 370 offers increased capacity for passengers and gear.

Performance and Features

The Sea Eagle 330 and Sea Eagle 370 are both inflatable kayaks suitable for a variety of water activities. Both models offer excellent paddling performance and tracking, with skegs included to maintain straight paths while kayaking.

Speed-wise, the Sea Eagle 370 provides a slight advantage due to its larger size and increased buoyancy. Both models have a grab line, which ensures safety and convenience while navigating through water.

The inflation pressure for both kayaks is maintained with high-quality valves, contributing to their durability and performance. The 330 and 370 are made from puncture-resistant, extra-thick K-80 Polykrylar hull material, ensuring that they can handle up to Class III whitewater.

Accessories and Additional Features

The Sea Eagle 330 and 370 inflatable kayaks come with essential accessories, including inflatable seats, four-piece paddles, foot-operated air pumps, and storage bags. Additionally, both models come with a repair kit as a nice touch.

For added functionality, some optional accessories are available for these kayaks. Fishing enthusiasts might appreciate the fishing rod holders, making it easier to keep rods secure while paddling. Spray skirts can help protect paddlers from water splashes during more adventurous outings.

Use and Portability

The Sea Eagle 330 and 370 are both portable kayaks, designed for ease of use and portability. These inflatable kayaks can be deflated and easily transported, making them perfect for those seeking a lightweight and portable kayak option.

Setting up the kayaks is relatively simple; it takes around 10 minutes for most beginners to inflate or deflate them, thanks to their 5 deluxe one-way air valves. Their compact nature and lightweight design make them an excellent choice for quick excursions or for those with limited storage space.

Not only are these models known for their portability, but also for their stability and performance in various kayaking conditions. Enjoy your next adventure on the water with either the Sea Eagle 330 or 370, and expect a convenient and portable experience.

Suitability for Activities

The Sea Eagle 330 is well-suited for novice tandem kayakers, providing a stable and comfortable experience. It is ideal for kayaking on calm water, as it may get blown by wind sometimes. It is its lightweight nature and easy lifting that makes it suitable for casual beach trips and leisurely holidays.

Sea Eagle 370, on the other hand, offers a higher weight capacity and is made of more robust material suited for adventure seekers. The 650-pound capacity allows for kayaking with extra gear for activities like fishing and camping. It is compatible with class III whitewater rating, making it suitable for advanced users taking on rapids.

Both Sea Eagle models come with three chambers which offer excellent buoyancy and durability. Inflating and deflating both 330 and 370 can be achieved in about 10 minutes, further reinforcing their suitability for various activities.


The Sea Eagle 330 and 370 are both great inflatable kayaks with significant differences in capacity and material. The SE330 has a 500-pound capacity, made of 33 mil Polykrylar, and is suitable for solo kayaking or lightweight tandem use. The SE370, on the other hand, offers a higher capacity of 650 pounds and uses a more substantial 38 mil Polykrylar for added durability.

While both kayaks are easy to inflate, features like the one-way air valves and built-in skegs make the SE370 stand out in terms of ease of inflation and better tracking. Comparing their features and capacities can help you determine the right Sea Eagle kayak for your needs, whether you are looking for a lightweight option or a more advanced model with higher capacity for fishing and camping adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weight capacity difference between 330 and 370?

The Sea Eagle 330 has a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds, whereas the Sea Eagle 370 can handle up to 650 pounds, providing more capacity for passengers and gear.

How do the 330 and 370 models perform in ocean conditions?

Both the Sea Eagle 330 and 370 perform well in varying water conditions, including ocean swells. Their inflatable design and multiple air chambers offer stability and buoyancy; however, they are best suited for moderate ocean conditions and not extreme weather.

What are the main differences in features between Sea Eagle Pro and Deluxe?

Sea Eagle Pro packages generally include upgraded accessories like better seats, paddles, and footrests, while the Deluxe packages feature basic accessories. Specific inclusions may vary between models, so it's essential to review the package contents before purchasing.

Can the Sea Eagle 370 be used by a single person?

Yes, the Sea Eagle 370 is versatile and can be used by a single person. Although it has more space for two people, it can be easily managed and paddled by an individual.

How does the Sea Eagle 330 compare with the Intex Excursion Pro?

The Sea Eagle 330 is slightly smaller and has a lower weight capacity compared to the Intex Excursion Pro. However, both kayaks are known for their quality, durability, and performance, with specific features and capacities depending on individual preferences and intended usage.