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Sea Eagle FastCat 14 Review

The Sea Eagle FastCat 14 has been making waves in the world of inflatable boats, offering a unique combination of stability, speed, and convenience. This catamaran-style boat is designed for up to four people and boasts an advanced all-drop stitch construction, ensuring a rigid and dependable experience on the water. The FastCat 14 is not only visually appealing, but also boasts remarkable performance for a wide variety of water-based recreational activities.

One aspect that sets the FastCat 14 apart from other inflatable boats is its innovative catamaran hull design, which contributes to its exceptional stability and smooth ride. Furthermore, the boat has a rapid self-bailing feature, allowing it to quickly adapt to changing water conditions, making it an ideal option for families or groups seeking a versatile watercraft. The FastCat 14 also offers ample deck space, ensuring comfort and accessibility for all passengers.

Sea Eagle has earned a reputation for producing high-quality inflatable boats, and the FastCat 14 is no exception. With positive reviews from users, this impressive catamaran provides a superior experience for everyone, from first-time boaters to seasoned enthusiasts. Whether you are interested in fishing, diving, snorkeling, or simply enjoying a relaxed day on the water, the Sea Eagle FastCat 14 proves to be a reliable and cutting-edge option in the world of inflatable boats.

Overview of the Sea Eagle Fastcat 14

The Sea Eagle Fastcat 14 is a catamaran inflatable boat designed to provide a smooth and enjoyable experience on the water. This watercraft is a perfect choice for those looking for a versatile and portable option for various water-based activities.

Built with a catamaran-style hull, the Fastcat 14 ensures a stable and steady ride in different water conditions. The catamaran hull design helps to lift the boat on top of the water, minimizing hull slapping and providing a comfortable experience for the passengers. With its large deck space, the Sea Eagle Fastcat 14 can accommodate various activities such as sunning, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, filming, fishing, picnicking, and more, making it an ideal choice for fun-filled days on the water.

One of the main advantages of the Fastcat 14 is its inflatable design, which makes it easy to set up, break down, and store when not in use. Despite its compact and inflatable nature, this boat offers a spacious deck and can carry up to four people or 1600 lbs, providing ample space for your friends and family to join in on the fun.

Additionally, the Sea Eagle Fastcat 14 is made with high-quality and durable materials to ensure its longevity and resistance to damage. Its drop-stitch construction and high-pressure design contribute to the boat's rigid structure, providing a stable and reliable watercraft for a variety of adventures.

In conclusion, the Sea Eagle Fastcat 14 catamaran inflatable boat offers a combination of stability, versatility, and portability that makes it a popular choice for those seeking a smooth and enjoyable experience on the water. Whether it's a day of fishing, diving, or simply relaxing under the sun, this boat is well-equipped to handle it all.

Construction and Material

The Sea Eagle FastCat 14 is constructed using a combination of high-quality materials and advanced technology, ensuring a rugged, durable, and dependable watercraft. The primary material used in its construction is a double-layer of PVC reinforced 1000 Denier fabric, which provides exceptional strength and resistance to wear and tear, and is suitable for intense water activities.

This inflatable catamaran also incorporates cutting-edge all-drop stitch constructed technology. This method allows the boat to maintain a high-pressure, rigid, and stable structure when inflated. The FastCat 14's design includes multiple air chambers, ensuring added safety on the water by providing extra buoyancy and stability, even if one chamber was to be compromised.

The high-pressure capacity of the FastCat 14 enhances its performance, enabling the inflatable catamaran to handle various water conditions and support a substantial load. Properly inflating the boat to its recommended pressure levels ensures optimal performance and longevity.

Here is a summary of the key materials and construction features:

  • Double-layer PVC reinforced 1000 Denier fabric
  • All-drop stitch constructed
  • High-pressure capacity
  • Multiple air chambers

In summary, the Sea Eagle FastCat 14 boasts a robust, high-quality construction that provides impressive durability, stability, and performance on the water. Its design incorporates advanced materials and technology to ensure a dependable inflatable catamaran, perfect for various aquatic adventures.

Dimensions and Weight

The Sea Eagle FastCat 14 is an inflatable catamaran-style boat designed to provide a smooth ride on the water and accommodate up to 4 people or 1600 lbs. The boat features an impressive length of 14'4" and a beam of 6'8". This combination allows for exceptional deck space, making it a fantastic choice for families and groups looking to spend a day on the water.

When it comes to weight, the hull weight of the FastCat 14 is noticeably light for a boat of its size, making it easier to transport and handle. In addition to the hull weight, it is essential to consider the transom weight, especially when planning on using an outboard motor. Users must ensure that the combined weight of the inflatable boat and motor does not exceed the recommended maximum weight capacity of 1600 lbs.

Inflation time is a crucial factor for convenience and ease of use when preparing for a day on the water. The included pump can inflate the FastCat 14 to a few PSI below the recommended maximum of 15 PSI; however, it requires effort and may cause users to sweat. To ensure a more comfortable setup process, it is highly recommended to invest in an electric pump, which can save time and energy.

Overall, the Sea Eagle FastCat 14 offers a spacious, lightweight, and versatile inflatable boat, with dimensions catering to families and groups eager for a smooth and enjoyable experience on the water. Remember to keep the recommended weight capacities in mind while planning activities and outings to ensure the safest and most pleasant experience.

Design Features

The Sea Eagle FastCat 14 is a highly-rated inflatable boat that has been designed with various features to provide a stable, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for up to four people. This inflatable catamaran boat takes advantage of the catamaran-style hull design to deliver a smooth and responsive ride on the water.

A key aspect of the FastCat 14's design is its self-bailing feature. This allows water to flow out of the boat automatically, ensuring that the deck remains dry and the boat remains buoyant. This feature not only keeps the passengers safe and comfortable but also reduces the need for manual bailing, allowing you to focus on enjoying your trip on the water.

Another important design element of the Sea Eagle FastCat 14 is the removable transom. This component makes it easy to install and remove an outboard motor, giving you the flexibility to switch between using the boat for leisurely cruises, fishing trips, or for watersports that require more power and speed. The removable transom also makes it easier to store and transport the boat when it's not in use.

The FastCat 14 is built with a level of ruggedness that ensures durability and long-lasting performance. This can be seen in the use of rubbing strakes, which protect the boat's inflatable tubes against abrasion and punctures when it comes into contact with jetties, docks, or other obstacles. These strakes not only safeguard the boat's integrity but also provide additional stiffness and rigidity to the inflatable catamaran.

In addition, the Sea Eagle FastCat 14 boasts an inflatable catamaran design, which provides a large and stable platform for passengers to enjoy various activities, including fishing, sunbathing, or just relaxing. This catamaran-design creates a space-efficient boat that can accommodate up to four people or 1,600 lbs, without sacrificing maneuverability or performance on the water.

To summarize, the Sea Eagle FastCat 14 is a well-designed and feature-rich inflatable boat that offers a great balance of stability, comfort, and performance. Its catamaran-style hull design, self-bailing capability, removable transom, and rugged construction make it a reliable and enjoyable option for various on-water activities.

Durability and Stability

The Sea Eagle FastCat 14 is a remarkable inflatable boat designed with a focus on providing excellent durability and stability. One of the key features contributing to the superior stability of this boat is its catamaran-style hull, which distributes the boat's weight efficiently across the water's surface. This results in a stable platform for any fishing, cruising, or recreational activities on the water.

Constructed from a double layer of PVC reinforced 1000 Denier fabric, the FastCat 14 is designed to be one of the most rugged inflatable boats available in the market. This allows it to handle challenging water conditions with confidence. In addition to its robust materials, the FastCat 14 also incorporates drop-stitch technology, enabling the boat to withstand high pressure while maintaining its rigidity and durability.

Moreover, the FastCat 14's non-slip EVA deck makes it an excellent choice for those who prioritize safety and secure footing while on water. Providing structural strength and improved durability, this high-pressure deck further contributes to the stability of the boat.

When it comes to performance, the FastCat 14 does not disappoint. Its long and sleek design excels in speed and allows it to cut through the water with minimal resistance. The boat also features an aluminum frame, enhancing its stability and making it suitable for tackling more challenging water conditions.

In summary, the Sea Eagle FastCat 14 offers excellent stability, durability, and performance. With its catamaran-style hull, rugged construction, and non-slip EVA deck, it ensures a safe, enjoyable, and stable experience for those who venture out on the water.

Inflation and Deflation

The Sea Eagle FastCat14 is designed for easy inflation and deflation with its robust construction and efficient air valves. To achieve optimal rigidity and performance, it is recommended to inflate the boat to a few PSI below its maximum 15 PSI capacity. The included pump can be used to reach the desired pressure, but an electric pump can make the process more convenient and less labor-intensive.

Carefully designed air valves on the FastCat14 ensure a secure seal during use and facilitate effortless deflation when it's time to pack up. Simply open the air valves, and the catamaran will deflate gradually, allowing for quick and trouble-free storage. To enhance longevity and maintain the integrity of its high-pressure, drop-stitch construction, always keep the FastCat14 clean and dry when not in use.

When inflating the FastCat14, it is essential to follow the manufacturer's guidelines to avoid damage or over-inflation. Begin by inflating the main chambers sequentially, taking care to distribute air evenly. Once the primary chambers have reached the appropriate pressure, move on to the air floor; this sequence will help attain optimal performance and stability on the water.

Deflated, the FastCat14 is compact and portable, making it easy to transport and store. Its dimensions provide a manageable size for those with limited storage space or who require a convenient solution for their water adventures. By following the proper inflation and deflation procedures, users can enjoy the many benefits this versatile and rugged catamaran has to offer.

Transport and Storage

The Sea Eagle FastCat 14 is a highly portable and packable inflatable boat, making transport and storage hassle-free for its owners. This catamaran-style boat provides users with convenience and flexibility that traditional non-inflatable boats cannot offer.

When it comes to transportation, the FastCat 14 can be easily folded and packed into a compact size, easily fitting in the trunk of an SUV or even the backseat of a car. The lightweight design and foldability make it simple for users to carry the boat to and from their desired destinations. Such portability makes it an excellent choice for those who enjoy spontaneous adventures or have limited space in their vehicles.

Storage of the Sea Eagle FastCat 14 is quite straightforward and user-friendly. The compact size allows for efficient storage in small spaces, such as a garage, storage shed, or closet. It is essential to choose a cool, dry, and well-ventilated location to prevent mold and mildew growth. Proper storage will also help extend the lifespan of the boat by keeping the double-layer PVC material in optimal condition.

Here are a few key points for easy transport and storage of the Sea Eagle FastCat 14:

  • Foldable and packable design for convenient transport
  • Fits in an SUV trunk or backseat for easy transportation
  • Store in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated space
  • Proper storage prevents mold and mildew, extending the boat's lifespan

Overall, the Sea Eagle FastCat 14 provides a practical and efficient solution for transport and storage, making it an ideal boat for various activities and catering to a wide range of users. With proper care and maintenance, this inflatable catamaran will serve its owners with reliable and enjoyable experiences for many years.

Safety Features

The Sea Eagle FastCat 14 is designed with numerous safety features to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for its users. Safety air chambers are an essential aspect of this inflatable boat. The FastCat 14 incorporates four independent air chambers to provide redundancy in case of any puncture or leakage. This significantly reduces the risk of the boat deflating during use and ensures that users can safely reach their destination.

Grab handles are strategically placed throughout the boat to provide easy maneuverability and accessibility. They offer stability and security, especially during turbulent water conditions. The bow ring on the FastCat 14 is a reliable attachment point for towing or anchoring the boat, providing users with peace of mind knowing their boat is securely fastened.

The bumper guard is another essential safety feature found on the Sea Eagle FastCat 14. These guards are located along the bottom and sides of the boat, protecting the inflatable boat from potential damage caused by rocks, debris, or other underwater obstacles. This not only ensures the longevity of the boat but also safeguards the users onboard.

Conveniently located grab handles are an additional consideration in the overall safety of the FastCat 14. These handles offer convenient access points for users to hold onto while boarding, disembarking or navigating through rough waters. They provide an extra element of security for users, reducing the likelihood of falling overboard or losing balance.

In summary, the Sea Eagle FastCat 14 is designed with numerous safety features to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for its users. With safety air chambers, grab handles, bow ring, bumper guard, and conveniently located grab handles working together, users can feel confident and secure while navigating the waters in this inflatable boat.

Speed and Performance

The Sea Eagle FastCat 14 is known for its impressive speed and performance, thanks to its advanced catamaran-style hull design. This hull style contributes to the boat's ability to provide one of the smoothest rides on the water, making it a popular choice among many water enthusiasts.

One factor that sets the FastCat 14 apart from other inflatable boats is its drop-stitch technology, enabling it to achieve a higher level of inflation pressure. This increased rigidity translates to better handling and speed across the water, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all on board.

In addition to its innovative hull design, the FastCat 14 is constructed from a double layer of PVC reinforced 1000 Denier fabric. This durable material allows the boat to withstand the rigors of various water conditions, further enhancing its performance capabilities.

When it comes to speed, the Sea Eagle FastCat 14 doesn't disappoint. The catamaran is agile and fast, providing an exhilarating ride for those on board. Its smooth and efficient performance is highly appealing to those seeking the thrill of water sports or the serenity of a leisurely cruise.

In summary, the Sea Eagle FastCat 14 exhibits remarkable speed and performance due to its catamaran-style hull, reliable construction, and use of advanced materials. This combination results in a smooth and enjoyable ride on the water, making it a great option for those in search of a versatile and reliable inflatable boat.

Additional Accessories

The Sea Eagle FastCat 14 offers several useful accessories to enhance your boating experience. These include features such as Scotty pads, a canopy attachment system, universal Scotty pads, and the Quik-Cinch EZ-Attachment seating system.

Scotty Pads: The FastCat 14 is equipped with Scotty pads, which provide a secure mounting platform for a variety of fishing accessories. These pads are easy to install and can accommodate rod holders, fish finders, and other angling equipment. The boat also includes universal Scotty pads at the back, allowing you to customize your setup according to your needs.

Canopy Attachment System: The optional canopy attachment system provides protection from the sun and rain while out on the water. This easy-to-install canopy enhances your overall comfort and allows you to enjoy longer days on the water. The canopy is designed with quick-release clips for easy setup and teardown, making it a convenient addition to your FastCat 14 experience.

Universal Scotty Pads: These versatile mounting pads work with the entire range of Scotty products, allowing you to further customize your boat with additional accessories. Their compatibility with all Scotty products ensures that you have endless possibilities to create your ideal boating setup.

Quik-Cinch EZ-Attachment Seating System: The Sea Eagle FastCat 14 boasts a unique seating system that makes installation and removal of seats hassle-free. The Quik-Cinch EZ-Attachment system securely fastens seats to the boat, ensuring stability and comfort for passengers. This innovative seating solution also gives you the flexibility to adjust the position and arrangement of your seats according to your preferences and requirements.

In summary, the available accessories for the Sea Eagle FastCat 14 cater to various needs and preferences. With options that include fishing customization, comfort enhancements, and user-friendly features, these accessories can provide a more enjoyable and personalized experience on the water.


The Sea Eagle FastCat 14 Catamaran is a high-quality inflatable boat that adheres to strict safety and performance standards. One of the certifications that this boat holds is the NMMA & CE certification. The NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) certification ensures that the boat meets industry safety and construction standards. Additionally, the CE (Conformité Européene) certification confirms that the product complies with European health, safety, and environmental protection legislation.

These certifications are essential for any boat owner, as they provide a level of confidence in the performance and safety features of the vessel. With the FastCat 14 being NMMA & CE certified, users can trust that the boat is built to high standards and is thoroughly tested to ensure its reliability and durability in various conditions.

In addition to the NMMA & CE certifications, the Sea Eagle FastCat 14 also comes under other strict inspection and quality control measures during its production process. These measures are in place to guarantee the highest possible level of quality and safety for the end-users.

Some features of the FastCat 14 that contribute to its certified status include:

  • Rigid, high-pressure, all-drop stitch construction
  • Rapid self-bailing capabilities
  • Exceptional deck space and stability

Being certified also implies that the Sea Eagle FastCat 14 is compliant with various regulations and guidelines in the marine industry, ensuring that owners can enjoy their boating adventures without worry.

In conclusion, the Sea Eagle FastCat 14 possesses the necessary certifications to ensure it offers the highest level of safety and performance. Boat owners can trust and rely on this, knowing that the product meets stringent levels of quality control and adheres to industry standards.

Usage Scenarios

The Sea Eagle FastCat 14 catamaran inflatable boat offers a range of possibilities for water enthusiasts. It is suitable for various activities, making your time on the water enjoyable and versatile. With its stable and smooth ride, it is an ideal option for individuals and families to engage in several recreational activities.

One popular use for the FastCat 14 is fishing. The spacious deck provides plenty of room for anglers to set up their gear, and its stability ensures a comfortable fishing experience. The boat's self-bailing feature helps keep the deck dry, even during a splashy catch.

For those interested in diving or snorkeling, FastCat 14's stable platform makes it easy to access the water. It can comfortably accommodate up to four people, allowing buddies to join in the underwater exploration. The large deck area also provides adequate space for storing diving equipment and makes it easy to enter and exit the water.

Swimming is another activity that the FastCat 14 can facilitate with ease. Its stable design helps swimmers to get in and out of the water effortlessly. Moreover, the boat's openness and spacious deck area provide the perfect spot for sunning, allowing users to soak in the sunshine while floating on the water.

For those who enjoy piloting a camera or capturing memorable moments, the Sea Eagle FastCat 14 can create the perfect filming environment. Its stability and ability to smoothly glide on the water enable the capture of steady and clear shots of the aquatic surroundings. The expansive deck area also allows for various camera angles and setups.

Lastly, picnicking on the FastCat 14 is an enjoyable and unique experience. The large deck area can accommodate a group of four, offering ample space for relaxing and dining. With the boat's stable design, the risk of spills and discomfort associated with traditional boats is minimized.

In conclusion, the Sea Eagle FastCat 14 catamaran inflatable boat offers a wide range of activities, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a versatile and stable watercraft. Its design caters to various recreational activities such as fishing, diving, snorkeling, swimming, sunning, filming, and picnicking, allowing users to enjoy diverse water adventures.

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