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Stay Warm with Sales on ComfortBilt Stoves!
Stay Warm with Sales on ComfortBilt Stoves!

Brodbeck Ironworks MEGA Painted & Assembled 2X72 Grinder

SKU mega-p&a-2x72-120v+8"
Original price $4,690.00 - Original price $4,750.00
Original price
$4,690.00 - $4,750.00
Current price $4,690.00
Wiring Voltage: 120V
Contact Wheel Size: 8"
Bevel Table: No
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Upgrade your shop with the industry leading Grinders from Brodbeck Ironworks!

The Mega Painted & Assembled Package includes a 2HP motor, VFD, small wheel kit, and choice of 8” or 10” contact wheel, buffing wheel, slack belt attachment, and our integral bolster and fullering attachments.

The chassis includes all parts & hardware items to assemble the grinder complete with Mareko platen and over-sized adjustable work rest. This kit includes aluminum wheels: 2” Platen, 4” Tracking, and 5” Drive with 5/8” bore (other sizes can be requested at an additional cost) along with a 4" rubber contact wheel.

Contact Wheel Options:

  • 8” Diameter Wheel, Bracket, & Arm
  • 10” Diameter Wheel, Bracket, & Arm

Small Wheel Kit:

  • Small Wheel Bracket, 3/4” Wheel, 1” Wheel, 2” Guide Wheel

Mareko Deep Platen:

  • The Mareko Deep Platen is a combination of a flat platen, 4” contact wheel, and slack belt attachment. It was designed by knifemaker Mareko Maumasi to provide maximum value and efficiency as it minimizes tool changes. The extra depth allows the user to work both sides of the platen without the tool arm interfering with the work. This is particularly important when removing stock and when contouring handles. This platen is a great alternative and cost reduction to having a dedicated flat platen and a contact wheel.

Product Details

Variable Speed Motor:

  • KBAC 27D VFD 115V (household voltage) or 230V single phase input. 230V 3-Phase output (115V input reduces motor output from 2HP to 1.5HP). Variable Speed Wiring Kit includes start/stop switch, wiring, and connectors.
  • 2HP 60 HZ 6.2/2.9A 3600 RPM TEFC
  • 110V plug is included and wired.
  • 220V plug is not included due to the various options of 220 outlets. Any 220 plug that matches the 220 outlet will work.

Buffing Wheel Attachment (does not include buffing or wire wheels, please purchase separately):

  • This attachment utilizes a sanding belt to drive a threaded arbor. This arbor is a 5/8-11 thread that is used for items such as wire wheels and buffing wheels. it comes with the wheel, arbor, mounting bracket, and hardware. It can be purchased as an attachment only to be used with the platen D plate or can be purchased with a Quick Change Accessory Arm. A variable-speed drive system is required for this attachment. All wheels used on the arbor are to be operated at their rated rpm.

Slack Belt Attachment:

  • The Slack Grinding Attachment is highly versatile in shaping many different contours. This can be compared to a rotary platen in functionality.
  • The attachment itself simply slides into the existing flat platen assembly. If you do not have the Brodbeck Flat Platen you will need to purchase the entire kit. The kit includes a flat platen, slack attachment, 1.5” square arm, wheels, and hardware.

Integral Bolster and Fullering Attachment:

  • The Brodbeck Integral Bolster and Fullering Attachment features 3 different roller sizes 5/8", 7/8", 1-1/8". They are easily swapped out without tools, and there are no adjustments needed. The platen is fixed in place and made of thick steel that will not warp with heat.
  • This attachment also doubles as a fullering tool. The rollers stick out past the holder so there is no interference with anything. It can be purchased as an attachment only to be used with the platen D plate or can be purchased with a Quick Change Accessory Arm. A variable-speed drive system is required for this attachment. The 5/8 & 7/8 rollers are only rated to 20000 rpm.

Quick-Change Accessory Arm:

  • This can be used to mount our Small Wheel Attachment, Integral Attachment, Buffing Attachment, and more to come. It is used in place of the Platen D-plate, but cannot be used with our Slack Attachment. It comes with a quick-change adjustable mounting plate, a 1.5-inch square aluminum arm, and the necessary hardware.

    Reverse will only be tested and tuned for Mareko platen, large contact wheel, and disk sander (if included in order). The reverse switch can be added to the cart here. Please contact us if you need assistance tuning other attachments for reverse.

    The chassis arrives mostly assembled and painted

    Use this link for the final assembly.

    Belts and buffing wheel are not included.