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Stay Warm with Sales on ComfortBilt Stoves!
Stay Warm with Sales on ComfortBilt Stoves!

Sea Eagle NeedleNose 14 Inflatable Paddleboard

This one works!
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Original price $699.00
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Package: Startup Package
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About the NeedleNose™ 14 Inflatable Board

Featuring a full-length electric pattern diamond deck EVA foam pad, convenient built-in paddle-saving PaddlePocket™ holder, and a removable skeg! This is the world's best tracking inflatable SUP ever!

The NN14 is specifically designed for persons looking to combine touring performance in the most variety of environmental conditions. With increased floatation, rigidity, and the most stability. You'll be able to SUP most every day!

This Breakthrough Design features: a straight-line hull, patented razor sharp, wave-piercing bow, elegantly curved touring shape, full-length electric pattern EVA diamond deck pad with custom performance kick tail, and the ability to paddle faster, further, and easier!

Best suited for those weighing 275 lbs or less.

About the NeedleNose™ Series

The patented NeedleNose™ iSUPs are by far the best tracking iSUPs in the world! Able to perform in a vast array of environmental conditions where other inflatables wouldn't dare! Get the performance of a rigid board plus the convenience of an inflatable and more!

Aptly named NeedleNose™ these iSUPs feature a patented razor-sharp, wave-piercing bow that allows you to slice through the wind, waves, current, and water. Something that no other iSUP can offer. The elegant curved touring shape with a straight-line NO UPTURN hull design enables you to customize your skill and performance levels with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gear standing locations (see video). A diamond-patterned deck pad is easier on your feet with a kick tail that allows pivot and kick turning on a dime! These features make the NeedleNose™ iSUPs the fastest, sleekest, best inflatable SUPs in the world!

Say goodbye to unnecessary airline fees and damaged SUPs! These weigh under 35 lbs. and are designed to be checked as baggage. (US Patent #8,821,204)


Standard Features

  • Patented NeedleNose™ design (US Patent #8,821,204) razor sharp wave and water piercing bow
  • Straight-line hull design with NO UPTURN increasing performance, speed, and efficiency
  • Large, removable, rear, center, skeg
  • Two leading side skegs for better tracking
  • Conveniently located front grab handle
  • Elastic cords and multiple D-Ring attachments at the bow
  • Center seat D-Ring attachments
  • Large rear D-ring attachment for leash, towing, etc...
  • Proper carrying position balanced middle carry handle
  • 15 PSI max air pressure capacity
  • Deluxe recessed Halkey Roberts style air valve
  • EVA foam kick tail
  • Built-in paddle-saving PaddlePocket™ holder

Key Features

Newly Improved Patented NeedleNose DesignCustomize Your Skill and Performance Levels with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Gear

Newly Improved Patented NeedleNose™ Design

New and improved razor sharp, wave-piercing, current cutting, wind shearing, NeedleNose™ bow that further diverts water flow reducing drag, and easily slices through most everything! Enabling you to overcome the traditional issues of displacement hulls and varying environmental conditions. This design makes it the best tracking iSUP in the world and much easier and more efficient when paddling long distances.

(US Patent #8,821,204)

Customize Your Skill and Performance Levels with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Gear

1st Gear: Most stable position, great for beginners, nice and easy pace.

2nd Gear: Lowers the NeedleNose™ bow, increases planning surface area, and increases speed.

3rd Gear: Optimizes speed performance, fully engages NeedleNose™, NeedleNose™ slices through the water decreasing hull resistance while enabling straight and true tracking, full waterline length being utilized for speed, and paddle stroke kinesiology being optimized for speed and efficiency.

Customize Your Skill and Performance Levels with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Gear
Custom Performance Kick Tail

Custom Performance Kick Tail

Enabling you to easily perform advanced maneuvers such as sharp, snappy kick turns and 360º (turn on a dime) pivot turns while preventing you from slipping off the tail and assisting you with blind foot placement that's precise every time.

Super Rigid High-Pressure Lightweight Drop Stitch Material Construction

Our Drop Stitch material uses thousands of high tensile strength threads connecting the top and bottom fabric layers, creating thousands of I-beam supports. This enables our NeedleNose™ Series SUPs to be inflated to a much higher pressure (15 psi) which increases overall rigidity while maintaining our SUPs incredible lightweight. The unique Drop Stitch construction provides the added benefit of being able to be packed in its own backpack. The Sea Eagle NeedleNose™ SUP is tough as nails, incredibly rigid, ultra-light, and a delight to paddle.

Super Rigid High-Pressure Lightweight Drop Stitch Material Construction
Full-Length Diamond Deck Pad

Full-Length Diamond Deck Pad

Engineered to provide maximum foot comfort and grip during those long tours. The diamond surface deck pad displaces pounds per square inch of pressure evenly along the pads of your feet while introducing air voids. Think of it as standing on the clouds. This allows you to paddle longer, further, and faster without suffering from achy feet.

New Graphics

Know what you're riding - dims, specs, and the Sea Eagle brand says it all.

New Graphics


  • Person Capacity: 1
  • Hull Weight: 34 lbs.
  • Length: 14 ft.
  • Width: 30 in.
  • Load Capacity: 1 Person or 275 lbs
  • Deflated: Approx. 32" x 17" x 11"
  • Air Valves: One Way
  • Inflation time: 9 Minutes
  • Seam: Quadruple Overlap
  • Material: 1000 Denier Reinforced Drop Stitch
  • Board Thickness: 6"
  • Inflation Pressure: 12-15 psi
  • Volume: 300 Ltr.



Start-Up Package

All you need to get out on the water. Includes NeedleNose 14, high-pressure SUP pump, 3-part adjustable composite fiberglass SUP paddle, repair kit, and carry-all backpack.


  • Hull
  • Backpack
  • SUP Paddle
  • SUP Pump
  • Slide in Skeg
  • Repair Kit
  • Shipping

Deluxe Package

NeedleNose Deluxe Package combines the benefits of both sit-down and stand-up paddling. Includes NeedleNose 14, SUP pump, SUP paddle, AB30 paddle, Deluxe Kayak Seat & Backpack.


  • Hull
  • Backpack
  • SUP Paddle
  • 7'10" AB30 paddle
  • Deluxe Inflatable Kayak Seat
  • SUP Pump
  • Slide in Skeg
  • Repair Kit
  • Shipping

Electric Pump Package

Take the work out of set-up! Lets you inflate your NeedleNose faster and easier. Also includes everything in the Pro Package. You just can't go wrong.


  • Hull
  • Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle
  • Electric Pump
  • Backpack (BLACK)
  • SUP Pump
  • Slide in Skeg
  • Repair Kit
  • Shipping